How to Use Data Analytics to Rejuvenate Your Brand

Even a powerful, all-conquering brand can run into any one of a number of problems over time.

For example, they might lose touch with their audience, fall behind more innovative competitors or fail to make good use of the latest technology.

Some companies come up with a new logo or website to try and get their brand back on track. Others re-design their packaging, change their marketing focus and so on. One example of a fundamental type of improvement that can enhance a struggling brand is the introduction of a data analytics platform.

How This Works

You have probably heard about the importance of subjects like Big Data and data analytics in the modern business world. These are issues that reach across every type of industry all over the planet.

The general idea is that your business can analyse datasets far more quickly and efficiently than would otherwise be the case. Right now, the list of the biggest, most valuable brands in the world is led by Google, Apple and Amazon, according to brand consultancy Kantar Millward Brown.

You can be sure that these companies are putting a huge amount of effort into data analytics. From Google Analytics to Amazon’s comprehensive approach to understanding the big picture using data, these giant corporations value data enormously.

Yet, this is something that has now reached down to every level of business. A solid understanding of the data in their business area is vital for any brand that needs to either maintain its position or else improve.

Why Does This Matter?

Every type of business has different reasons for wanting to analyse their data. This can be in terms of identifying opportunities, finding problems in their processes or getting a better understanding of how they deal with their clients.

The technology used needs to be able to handle complex data models involving huge volumes of data. It can also be effortlessly scaled up as the business grows and its data needs become more complex over time.

In terms of breathing new life into a tired brand, there are some specific reasons for using this kind of platform. For example, it can be a way of identifying which potential customers aren’t currently being reached and what trends they should be following.

The way that this approach can help to rejuvenate a brand can be clearly seen with an example of Sisense’s data analytics platform in action. The PGA was looking at the problem of trying to boost the flagging attendance figures for their Seniors golf events.

The issue was handed over to Cause + Effect, an analytics-driven marketing agency, to look into. By using Sisense’s data analytics platform, they were able to discover a marketing approach that appealed to the sort of audience that they had previously been missing out on.

In the case of the PGA Seniors events, this process brought up the possible benefits of introducing a younger crowd with more contemporary tastes, as well as more female audience members. Part of the eventual solution was to put more of a focus on the food and social aspects of the 2019 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship at Oak Hill, in Rochester in May.

By shifting their focus in this way, an event that would traditionally have been awkward to market became much easier. With a clear market segment identified through the smart use of data, the event in question is predicted to have the highest attendance of any PGA Seniors event to date.

Data analytics can be useful in refreshing a brand in any sort of industry, even if the initial connection between the brand’s current state and Big Data might not seem immediately obvious.

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