5 Top Gadgets for a Healthy CEO Lifestyle

A healthy CEO lifestyle is part of the package. If you’re a leading figure in your company, organization or simply the boss of your own life, living healthily means living wealthily.

Besides useful tips like eating your breakfast, meal prepping and controlling stress, there are a few other practical ways to improve your health and wellbeing, namely the below 5 gadgets, which if used in the right way, will have you feeling 200% all the time every day.

1. Fitbit

The latest Fitbit Inspire is the first and foremost investment you need for your new and improved healthy lifestyle. Keeping track of your fitness goals day to day is essential in making a change. Without goals you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you make concessions too easily and you risk losing sight of your goals. With features like heart rate monitoring and cardio fitness scoring meal logging within the app and an amazing battery that can last up to five days, this is your go to fitness helper.

2. Sage the Boss

Alongside fitness, everyone knows the key in getting and staying healthy is eating well. For this you could do with something like the Sage the Boss, an all-round amazing food and drinks blender that is leading the market. It’s like the military grade version of blenders and with its luxury price tag comes a luxury practicality. It has 10 speed settings in one touch, top pulverizing blades at its core, and best of all, the it looks like a beast of a blender. It’s perfect for healthy food portioning or smoothie making.

3. Levado sit/stand desk

To be a healthy CEO you need to stay active. Sometimes hitting the gym in your spare 20 minutes isn’t always the solution. Enter Fellowes’ Levado Height Adjustable Desks, the perfect mix of elegance and smart technology, allowing you to sit or stand, whenever you like, however you like. At the push of a button, using the desk is effortless, and will allow you to stand whilst working, as we all know several hours of sitting isn’t good. I have one of these myself and it’s so very practical and helpful. I can’t really fault, it’s super stylish, fits in well in my office and I pretty much use it every time I’m working.

4. Sennheiser Momentum

Though you can use wireless earbuds at the gym or on a run, there are more health benefits to using something like the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless to live a healthy CEO lifestyle. With the amount of great podcasts and e-learning resources out there, reading a book or studying a new topic just got a whole lot easier. Your smartphone, paired with the practicality of these earbuds, is your next step to a healthier you. So, whilst your listening to your new book and learning something new each day, you can answer calls, talk to Siri, and keep the flow going for several hours.

5. Tempur

The last in our list is a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s Tempur’s globally leading sleep technology, or any other brand of premium mattresses and comfort pillows, using high quality sleeping products, and making sure you take 10 minutes to relax, without screens, before settling down, is vitally important. Sleep is the mother of good health, so make sure you’re getting plenty, all the time. Tempur’s stylish and top-quality mattresses are like no other, and we’d recommend these for your best night’s sleep.

While you’re at it, for bonus sleep points you’ll need some especially designed sleepwear, such as Dagsmejan’s newly launched Balance 2.0 collection, which is scientifically proven to control temperature and comfort during sleep. With these you’ll have no excuse not to get the most comfortable and luxurious sleep you’ve ever experienced.

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