10 Planet-Changing Innovations (By Kids)

Children are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, but what kinds of business will they start, and how will they innovate?

The UK Domain asked a group of children between the ages of 5 and 11, from the UK and Australia, what they would invent to make the world a better place. An illustrator then interpreted the kids’ original drawings to help bring their inspiring ideas to life.

From a ‘gun sucker inner’ to an ‘ocean organiser’, the kids applied their unique way of thinking to a range of problems. Here are five of the ingenious proposals:

1. Olly the Ocean Organiser

Inventor: Daisy, 9 years old

Olly the Ocean Organiser scours the ocean for rubbish and catches it in a giant net. Its handy propellers allow for precise transportation while its many eyes watch out for fish to avoid harming them in the process.

2. Gun Sucker Inner

Inventor: Harry, 6 years old

The Gun Sucker Inner sucks up all the guns in the world and destroys them in its dynamic body. The wheels at the bottom allow for speedy transportation to where it’s most needed.

3. Cody the Carer

Inventor: Laura, 9 years old

This very kind robot looks after the elderly and makes sure their every need is met. Cody is a friendly personal butler capable of washing up, companionship and using its super smart senses to watch out for illness and danger.

4. The Tree Rocket

Inventor: Tyler, 6 years old

The Tree Rocket is capable of transporting its passengers from England to Australia in just a second. Windows in the top of the tree allow for optimal viewing experiences during travel, and the handy door in the trunk provides easy access for travellers.

5. The Rubbish Eater

Inventor: Hannah, 5 years old

The Rubbish Eater single-handedly solves the world’s rubbish and deforestation problems by turning trash into fully formed trees.

Helen Tomes, Director of Marketing at The UK Domain, said the following about the project: “It’s fascinating to see the creative and often thoughtful way that children see the world. We wanted to give the founders of tomorrow a platform to show us what they think of the world today.”

Real-Life innovations

Some of these ideas are not far from real-world initiatives:

  • The Gun Sucker Inner is similar to Humanium, a new material made from recycled metal from gun destruction programs. All products made with Humanium create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies.
  • Olly the Ocean Organiser has a parallel in The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. By utilising the ocean currents to their advantage, the passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years’ time.
  • Cody the Carer brings to mind Aido, who are on a mission to accelerate quality of life improvement for humans with affordable and easy-to-use robotics and automation products. Aido is a service robot that can play with your kids, help you with household chores, handle your schedule, and keep your home connected and safe.

It’s fascinating to see the minds of possible future inventors at work. The challenge is to keep that momentum building throughout childhood and into young adult-hood.

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