What You Should Know About Malta’s iGaming Industry

Whether you’re considering venturing into the fast-developing world of iGaming, or you’re looking to step up your existing online gambling business - there are many reasons to consider relocating to Malta.

This island boasts a reputation as a hub of innovative iGaming ideas, home to a concentration of specialist vendors that can help your iGaming business. Here are a few key facts to know about Malta’s online gambling industry – likely to convince anyone interested in iGaming of the exciting business options offered by the Mediterranean island.

Malta is not simply an iGaming hub – it’s the iGaming hub

There are many other locations that stand out on the iGaming map – Gibraltar, Isle of Man and, increasingly, the Philippines – but few are as exciting or as diverse as Malta. Providing an unparalleled business hub in term of convenient regulations, an ideal location, practical institutions and an appealing culture, Malta is firmly placed as the most desirable destination in the business of iGaming. As such, the island continues to lead the way in industry innovation after many years of taking the lead, making Malta the ultimate destination for those wishing to establish or strengthen their iGaming business endeavours.

Malta offers diverse iGaming businesses and staff

From game developers and platform providers to brand curators and affiliate companies, businesses from every sector of the iGaming industry come together in Malta. You’ll find partnerships and services tailored toward your iGaming business needs whether you’re looking for an SEO agency or a law firm specialized in gambling. Indeed, the island’s ‘melting pot’ of entrepreneurs and businesses from every sector sees an unmatched combination of iGaming talents and resources in Malta.

This diversity also translates to multiculturalism, with Malta-based businesses hailing from a whole range of different nations and boasting multilingual staff. Malta is home professionals and experts from all corners of the globe. With the international demographics of players, and the expansion of iGaming across the world, has made the recruitment of multi-cultural staff a key to success for business looking to gain a footing in new markets and provide a localized experience for their players.

The biggest names in iGaming flock to Malta

From the Swedish online slots developers NetEnt, to the UK online casino PlayFrank, Malta is the choice of headquarters for many of the most successful and well-known brands in the online casino industry, making it an attractive business location for those who are ambitious, and who are hoping to learn from the bigger players in the field. With a wealth of industry and business community events spread out across the calendar, you’ll be mingling with some of the most important figures in the industry before you know it, making valuable industry contacts in the process.

Malta serves as the production set for live casinos

Gladiators, World War Z, Captain Philips and The Count of Monte Cristo are just some of countless blockbuster movies produced in Malta. But Hollywood producers aren’t the only ones to get the camera rolling on the scenic island. Malta is also home to the world’ biggest online casino live sets, where croupiers deal at the blackjack table or spin the roulette wheels in front of cameras for players at home. The world’s leading live casino solutions provider, Evolution, have a studio set-up on the island with dealers from all over the globe performing on a daily basis. Live online casino options are growing in popularity and demanded by an increasing number of players, so those considering jumping on board the live casino wagon would be well-advised to look at production options in Malta.

The iGaming industry is growing every year

An industry already responsible for 12% of Malta’s GDP; the iGaming industry shows no sign of halting in its tremendous growth. On the contrary, industry forecasts predict a global online gambling market value of 94.4 billion US dollars by 2024. With regulation relaxing around the world, notably in Asia, and with new elements such as virtual reality, esports and blockchain innovation the industry, it’s clear to see why Malta, at the centre of it all, is buzzing with new ideas, business propositions, investment opportunities and non-stop recruitment.

Malta is home to SiGMA

Alongside ICE and iGB, SiGMA is one of the most important iGaming events of the year. Last year saw the attendance of over 400 businesses, 200 industry experts, and 12,500 attendees from 80 countries. The event’s networking opportunities, discussion panels and workshops, all play a part in making SiGMA a highly educative and inspiring event. For its sixth installment, SiGMA will take place toward the end of November, predicted to once again break records in attendance number and scope.

Malta’s a sunny paradise

Besides the favourable tax and regulation that draws businesses to Malta, and the budding businesses that impress investors – it goes without saying that this gem of an island offers something besides iGaming. Gorgeous cliffs, delectable cuisine, sports activities and a luxurious lifestyle are all within reach in Malta – not to mention the island’s superb weather all year round. Whether you’re a history buff, a party animal, culture lover, or simply enjoy spending your days by the sea – you’ll find that Malta is as much a wonderful destination for leisure as it is for business.



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