The 10 Most Inspirational Business Books for 2019

As the new year is upon us, so are New Year resolutions, the lists of goals we want to achieve, and a clear outline of what we want to do next.

  1. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss with Tahl Raz

This book provides negotiation tips and techniques from the best of the best: a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. Taking his experience from the field into any context, be it the boardroom or your household, Chris Voss takes readers through key principles and tactics on how to never settle for less, a key skill for startups and entrepreneurs beginning their deep dive into a world of constant bargaining.

Read this book if: You’re after a business book that is able to offer advice that is applicable across different parts of your life.

“Remember, never be so sure of what you want that you wouldn’t take something better. Once you’ve got flexibility in the forefront of your mind you come into a negotiation with a winning mindset.”Chris Voss

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