The 10 Most Inspirational Business Books for 2019

As the new year is upon us, so are New Year resolutions, the lists of goals we want to achieve, and a clear outline of what we want to do next.

  1. The Interim Revolution: How crowdsourcing, the on-demand Gig Economy and Teams as a Service are transforming business globally by Pat Lynes

Business transformation expert and founder of Sullivan & Stanley Pat Lynes authors this book as a call to action, opening up the business world’s eyes to an alternative to the current status quo, helping corporates to future proof against disruptive technology and learn how to close the capability and speed gap facing organisations today. Big corporations continue to use outdated management systems in a society with an ever-growing gig economy that focuses on innovation and technology. The Interim Revolution offers strategies on how to break away from that, based on extensive industry insight and real world examples of different practices in business transformation and what works.

Read this book if: You want to lead your organisation to stay ahead of the game and challenge existing systems, ways of working and tired business models.

“Remember how you used to go down to Blockbuster on a Friday and rent the latest DVDs? Blockbuster was the number one DVD franchise organisation on the planet. But then it went bankrupt. Blockbuster missed the technology trend – online streaming; it didn’t listen to their customers and even turned down a partnership with Netflix – today worth USD$28 billion.”Pat Lynes

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