The 10 Most Inspirational Business Books for 2019

As the new year is upon us, so are New Year resolutions, the lists of goals we want to achieve, and a clear outline of what we want to do next.

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For this, many of us need a bit of guidance and support to help us realise our full potential and start working towards our (what appear to be) high reaching goals.

To get the ball rolling, we have searched high and low to find the most inspirational books to kick start the New Year/New Me movement. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a global CEO or a corporate team member, we’ve got you covered.

  1. 100 Stories of Growth: How they did it by Guy Tolhurst and Anthony O’Connor

100 Stories of Growth: How they did it is an inspiring and motivational coffee table book full of entrepreneurial success stories from innovators, digital transformers, exporters, female founders, inventors, disruptors and established businesses. Industry leaders share their real-life tales of the ups and downs of growing a great business. Co-authored by the entrepreneur behind the 100 Stories of Growth campaign and SME champion Guy Tolhurst, the book includes candid stories of business and personal growth from 100 founders and CEOs, including Bloom & Wild, Vision Direct, Gousto and many more.

Read this book if: You’re looking to find inspirational role models and real life stories and journeys from entrepreneurs that aren’t afraid to share the realities of leading a business, and overcoming every big and small challenge.

“We are grateful to these innovators for their vision, their resourcefulness and their determination. We embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, their inventiveness and their resilience and thank them for their contribution to our society.”Guy Rigby

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