Briefcase 101: How to Choose the Right Briefcase for You

The right briefcase is essential. It is, in essence, the one part of your daily work life that is a constant and so it is crucial that you find a briefcase that suitably fits all of your day-to-day requirements. Maxwell-Scott have been leather experts since the brand was established in 2002, sourcing the best leather to our Italian factory for our briefcases from the very beginning. Therefore, due to the valuable advice that this experience can offer, their comprehensive guide will allow you to find a case which will serve you throughout your career…


What to look for?

There are four key aspects of a briefcase to consider before a purchase, the most important of which is the material. Leather is, of course, the classic choice, however, it is important to understand the quality and handling of leather in order to ensure that this durable material is formed into a briefcase which will last a lifetime. The best genuine leather only improves with age, creating a beautiful patina over time. Maxwell-Scott aims to source only the best vegetable-tanned Italian leather which is then hand-crafted by artisans with decades of experience. In a family-run factory, which is an unending source of knowledge in regard to the leather industry, each briefcase is crafted to exacting standards from only the best cowhide.

The Lorenzo Small Leather Briefcase

Quality, then, is crucial to the correct briefcase for your career of which the material used is but one factor. There is also the weight of the briefcase to remember, an instant signifier to the durability and craftsmanship within such an accessory. Likewise, it is imperative to establish that the seams are well crafted so that your briefcase matches the longevity of your career. In short, the construction of your briefcase is vital, which is why it is paramount to support factories in the heart of Italy’s leather industry as this expertise means that quality is guaranteed.

The Strada Expandable Leather Attaché Case

Next, one must assess the functionality of the briefcase. What you transport to and from work each day will affect your needs regarding your briefcase. For the CEO who prefers to travel light, a slim briefcase such as The Lorenzo is the perfect match with space for all of your daily essentials, whereas The Tomacelli3 is a large briefcase which will accommodate all that one could possibly need for a day in the office. Hence, think of the level of flexibility of space that you require on a day-to-day basis – and always check that the dimensions fit your specific laptop if that is a necessity for you.

The Tomacelli3 Large Leather Briefcase

Lastly, the style of your briefcase is, of course, a personal choice, but there are certainly a range of classic styles and more modern twists to choose from. For instance, the most traditional briefcase is the attaché case which is a hard-edged briefcase. This will match the smartest work environment or a sleek classic suit. However, if your business environment works under the pretext of ‘business casual’ then perhaps a more relaxed shape such as a satchel design will fit in more effortlessly. Truly, the style of the briefcase must match the way in which you dress and your surroundings, only that way will it be your everyday essential throughout your career.


A Briefcase Study: The Jesolo3

The Jesolo3

Time for an in-depth look at one of Maxwell-Scott’s bestselling briefcases, The Jesolo3, to see exactly why this is such a popular briefcase. Firstly, it is a refined satchel style due to the buckle detailing, which means that it is adaptable to both smart and more casual work environments. It can be worn either with jeans and a linen jacket for a relaxed business meeting or a three-piece suit for an important interview. After all, it is a briefcase which lends itself to all occasions. Available in three colours (Chestnut Tan, Dark Chocolate Brown and Night Black), the Jesolo3 is handcrafted from sumptuous Italian vegetable-tanned leather which will create a beautiful patina over time as the briefcase becomes a daily requirement throughout your career. The leather is then complemented by the hardware which is of the utmost quality too. Useful for the CEO looking to carry more than the bare necessities, it can accommodate your 16-inch laptop and A4 files along with the organiser panel which offers a neat arrangement for your pens and smartphone. It also includes an additional exterior front pocket and a rear zipped compartment. Finished with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, the Jesolo3 works perfectly for the daily work life of an urban businessman.

The humble briefcase is, therefore, a companion throughout your career and as such it must be both durable and practical whilst maintaining a style true to your own. The key to finding the right one for you is to focus on the foundations of the bag: its material, construction, quality and functionality before also considering its style. Consequently, craftsmanship is imperative which is why Maxwell-Scott, a brand which is built on the briefcase, will never disappoint. Find the full collection of briefcases with a 25-year guarantee here.

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