The Luxury Accessories that Make or Break a Look

There’s a lot to keep track of in this day and age. Schedules, meetings, revenue, the works—and of all the things that plague the mind, perhaps the most overlooked are the accessories that can make or break a look if not given proper consideration. How do you dress to make the best impression, while not giving up on quality?

S.T.Dupont can help. Over the years, the French brand has built a remarkable following from stylish cultural icons such as Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy and Picasso to Hollywood heavyweights Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe which have made their looks iconic.

Alongside its traditional lines, this year has been no exception with the recent unveiling of S.T.Dupont’s must-haves, including the E-Slim lighter, Firehead and James Bond 007 collection:


Known for their unique ability to combine skilled craftsmanship with innovative modern design techniques, S.T.Dupont has brought the ultimate luxury electronic lighter to the market.

Meet the E-Slim. This slim 9mm sized lighter contains no gas, no flint or no striker. Designed using techniques unique to S.T.Dupont, and famed by the brand, the lighter comes in three beautiful finishes – sheer white, smooth chrome and lustrous black. The lighter is making its debut in the technological age with a flow of elemental electrons, instead of a cloud of fire.

The E-slim’s high capacity battery, which is as easily rechargeable as a phone or laptop, makes using the lighter easier than ever before. A short-travel trigger ignites the spark, celebrating the classic bend of traditional design and latest technology that has always characterised S.T.Dupont.

S.T.Dupont is famed for using techniques that are unique to the brand, such as the application of natural lacquer – the recipe which is known by only three artisans in the world – to its collection of writing instruments and lighters.

The e-slim is £99 and will be available at Harrods, William & Son, JJ Fox and Davidoff as well as online at


The artisans of Japan and China have applied intricate lacquer work to bare metal as protection against time’s ravages. The Fire Head collection pays tribute to Founder Simon Tissot Dupont and its first know how in 1872.

In the Firehead collection, S.T.Dupont takes the Asian arts a step further: combining the skills of the lacquer worker with the expertise of the goldsmith. The collection includes an exceptional Line D fountain pen, a Ligne 2 lighter and belt, all combining the same ancient skills in a way that creates something new. Each item is hand-polished and plated with precious gold or palladium finishes, and patterned with homage to 1952’s era-defining Diamond Head design.

The Firehead lighters are available in two attractive versions: the first entirely engraved with guilloche work, then plated in yellow gold or palladium. The second adds lacquer work to the goldsmith, adding a deep blue finish to each lighter with the qualities of a gemstone.

The Line D belt in black/brown leather draws a parallel between the skills of fine metalworking and trunk-making on two specific buckle designs.

The collection can be found in Harrods, William & Son, JJ Fox and Davidoff as well as online at

007 collection:

Few men lead the life of British spy James Bond, but many share his taste for luxury and style. S.T.Dupont is celebrating the legacy of the James Bond films with the new S.T.Dupont 007 collection.

The collection will include a range of iconic products. Two style pens and lighters are amongst the collection: A pale gold guilloche design on a Line 2 lighter and a New Line D pen coated in the hand-crafted black lacquer. Each item is limited to 1962 pieces to celebrate the cinematic release of the first James Bond film, Dr No.

Other accessories from the collection include a pair of cufflinks in the same pale gold guilloche, engraved with both the 007 logo and the signature of S.T.Dupont, a seven-credit card wallet, and a cigarette case in subtle black leather enhanced by the same embossed guilloche pattern. In addition, the minijet lighter has a powerful torch flame that completes the collection.

This product is ideal for those James Bond fanatics who are a sophisticated world traveller or simply a connoisseur of style – this collection embodies all things luxury.

The collection can be found in Harrods as well as online at

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