The Top 5 Workspace Efficiency Hacks of 2018

The office has for decades been a term recognised as associated with monotonous workflow and repetitive screen dwelling. However, today’s offices are often far from that; from games rooms to community lounges and kitchens, a workplace can also be a pleasurable, efficient living space. After all, we spend most of our life at work, so it has to have some measure of life to it.

On top of this, today’s vibrant and efficient workspaces don’t come without intelligent time-saving gadgets and tech, from double screens to internal IM systems. But there’s a few more things that make working in an office, whether it be a corporate space or a home workspace, that little more efficient and life-giving: Here’s five picks that we believe will make your life at work easier, more comfortable and hassle free.


Boogie Board Blackboard Notepad

You may have an iPad or other tablet, but I guarantee this will prove to be far easier and far more efficient. Write, sketch, plan and design all at your fingertips with the Boogie Board Blackboard, featuring Liquid Crystal Paper from The Fowndry. No need for frantic paper searching, finding a pen or pencil, rubber or the rest.

Save time, save space at your desk, and never have to buy stationary again. It’s so simple to use, so handy and it looks amazing. Once you have this, you’ll be left thinking how did you ever live without it.


Pro Plus 36 Varidesk

No more sitting for hours on end waiting for home time. Whether you spend hours or minutes at your desk, the option to sit or stand is invaluable. The Varidesk Pro Plus model, tried and tested by myself, Online Editor of CEO Today, is simply amazing. As humans we’re not made to sit for entire days, and often that short walk at lunch isn’t enough.

Any active-thinking office needs Varidesk; it makes for a more comfortable workspace and keeps employees on their feet. This model was big enough for dual monitors and sturdy enough to hold all my accessories, mouse, keyboard, the lot. Plus the neutral colour really makes it fit in with the rest of my home office, giving it a real look of belonging.


Samsung Flip

This is the coolest and simplest piece of innovation Samsung have brought out in 2018. The WMH Series Flipboard consist of a portable 55” interactive display that can turn any space into a meeting room, and what’s better than taking the workplace with you for a meeting.

Fuss free navigation makes this an ideal partner in presentations, and it easily connects to external devices, making team projects that much easier. The cherry on the icing? It flips. This, for creative people especially, is a golden egg.

This high-end product is well suited to corporate offices and meeting rooms, and will not only allow you to stand out, but will also make your workspace 200% more efficient.


DiskAshur PRO2

The EU’s new GDPR regulation just came into force. Instead of stressing about how to implement new safety measures or waiting for your cloud uploads to finish so you can securely store files and work with them at home, the DiskAshur PRO2 from iStorage solves all drive issues.

As the world’s first and only NCSC CPA and NLNCSA BSPA certified encrypted portable hard drive, this PIN authenticated hard drive will eliminate any risk and leave you feeling stress free, especially when it comes to sensitive client data and files.

As easily portable as any other hard drive, I’ve tried and tested the DiskAshur PRO2 and found it to be utterly indispensable in today’s working environment. It’s super easy to use and in my opinion, it’s the future of secure file storage.


Packed Pixels Monitor Extensions

If you’re an executive that strives for efficiency in every aspect of your work, you likely already have dual if nor three monitors for your workspace. But what about when you’re on the go? There’s no reason why your laptop space workflow shouldn’t be just as effective.

With Packed Pixels’ high resolution screen extensions you can have dual/triple monitors anywhere you go, taking all of the frustration out of your on-the-go window swapping. These screens are retina displays with a super-high-resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels; the same ones that Apple uses in its iPads.

This is also a great for small meetings, whereby you can show what you’re doing on your screen to the rest of the room. An invaluable resource in the absence of a projector.


Bonus. Mind Pod

Do you find it difficult to tolerate being distracted by colleagues? Are you more of an introvert than an extrovert and do you need to isolate yourself to be able to concentrate? Then the this added bonus might be something you could do with. The MindPod is the unique solution for easily setting up a mobile concentration workplace. The use of a lot of (safety) glass, (fire-proof) acoustic panels and no doors creates a quiet, yet open space to operate undisturbed.

Sometimes this is what it takes in a busy creative working environment, and understandably some peace and quiet is needed to get stuff done, especially when absolute focus is required. The Mind Pod solves this and is a worthy investment in the long term.

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