SCG-Ré: Leading the Way for Reinsurance in Africa

Dr. Andrew GWODOG has served as Director & General Manager of the Gabonese Commercial Reinsurance Corporation (SCG-Ré) since its inception in February 2012.

Dr. GWODOG shares insight into his management style, SCG-Ré’s ambition to be a leader of reinsurance in Africa, and its mission to manage the legal assignment on premiums and contributions of insurance companies exercising in Gabon.


How would you describe your leadership style? What would you advise to others in this role?

I defined my leadership as participatory while being proactive. I work in a group that has the same goal as me: to grow this young Reinsurance company. SCG-Ré staff at all levels must understand that the effort provided here is not for personal gain, but for the company’s reputation. I challenge them in order to have the best of each and every one of them to contribute to the rise of SCG-Ré. We have a management system based on the 3 P’s: Presence, Performance and Professionalism to achieve excellence and sustain our business activities.


What common difficulties are there when reducing the capital flight associated with exports of premiums to foreign reinsurers? How is this managed?

The youth of societies and the problem of trust; the proximity of the reinsurance market and the multiplicity of players; the settlement of credit and reinsurance brokers; the economic and financial crisis in the CIMA Zone and the collaborations and the defective links and between African Reinsurances.


What is the best way to prepare for and negate the risks of an international recession or systemic crises?

Develop new product niches: agriculture, political violence, environment, ICT, etc; international business development; risk selection and improve collection with African ceding companies.


What does the future hold for you and SCG-Ré?

No one can pretend to read the lines of the future: however, I want SCG-Ré, with or without me, to reach African notoriety, if not world-wide.

We aim to continue our commercial development in the CIMA zone and on the whole continent, to consolidate the partnerships with all the African Reinsurers, and to set up reinsurance pools in Africa. We also plan to improve the results and the technical and financial profitability of the company, participate actively in the development of Gabon and Africa through competitions to the economy and move from the 24th to the 5th place in the ranking of African reinsurers.

Running a business requires a lot of the main manager. However, I believe that it is possible to motivate the human resources of an entity to work for the collective growth of the society for which they work.



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