Darrell Jacobs of Clinic Lémanic: An Insight Into the Medical Business World

Clinic Lémanic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Véronique Emmenegger and Darrell Jacobs. Since then, the medical practice has been joined by a beauty centre and the clinic has experienced considerable growth. Thanks to its expertise and professionalism, its reputation extends far beyond the Swiss borders. Dr. Véronique Emmenegger and her colleagues are committed to providing highly specialised services to ever-increasing numbers of demanding international patients who value their discreet service. Darrell Jacobs, CEO of Clinic Lémanic joins us for an insight into the medical business world.


Tell us about Clinic Lémanic’s beginnings and general concept? What makes the clinic’s approach to patients unique?

Since its inception in 1998, Clinic Lémanic has become a point of reference in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, as well as preventive and regenerative medicine. Given its national and international reputation, Clinic Lémanic is constantly on the lookout for pioneering medical solutions to provide a wide range of exclusive and innovative programmes.

From the start, we made a decision not to have rooms in the clinic. This way, the clients stay in a hotel and don’t find themselves surrounded by other ‘patients’ or in a hospital atmosphere with all the unpleasantness that can come with that.

We collect our patients from their hotel in the clinic’s own limousine. Then they stay in our VIP Suite while waiting for the chief doctor – who, it must be said, is the cornerstone of the clinic – to come and take charge of them. Throughout the experience, a coordinator who speaks their language, whether it is English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and more, is made available to the patient. Once the treatments are completed, our patients are taken back to their hotel where they can enjoy 5-star comfort.

Now in addition to providing high-quality programmes and procedures thanks to our specialists’ expertise and our cutting-edge technology, we take pride in making your stay as comfortable as possible. We offer tailor-made support to ensure your treatment takes place discreetly and under the best conditions. We truly consider professionalism, efficiency, expertise and innovation to be our philosophy, ensuring our patients are always fully satisfied. This search for perfection is made possible through precise and invaluable expertise, enhancing well-being, health and beauty in a large and elegant private space in the very heart of Lausanne.


In terms of market competition, where does Clinic Lémanic stand, and what are its goals moving forward?

It’s always easy to tell everyone you are the best in your area… so that’s not the answer I am going to give you, even though I do believe we are the best (laughs). A better way to put it is that we always strive to be the best, we try to stay one step ahead of the competition and always try to do things in different and innovative ways. So far, I would say we have been pretty successful at that. I mean we are one of the “newer” clinics that have survived for so long given the already existent competition from the beginning of our venture. The main aspect where we stand out is listening to our patients’ requests. We don’t just perform standard procedures because although our clients’ main expectations are, of course, results, ultimately, they expect to obtain results that are their own. What I mean is a result that matches their own identity, their own look and not a result that might be the same for 100 other people. We have perfected personalised treatments which means that for the same treatment there would be 10 different ways of carrying it out on 10 different people and it is precisely this detail that is the difference that the patient is looking for. Because I don’t know any woman who wants to find herself at an event surrounded by 10 other women wearing the same outfit!


What lies on the horizon for Clinic Lémanic in the next 12 months, and what big changes do you expect in the coming year?

I cannot disclose too much information on the future just yet, however, I can tell you that the last 12 months were quite exciting for us. We created a new anti-ageing 24hr face cream called “La Crème”, boasting extreme comfort and a cashmere-like sensation. In the past we have resisted doing what many others have already done; making a cream for the sake of a cream. We have invested our passion and our know-how into this. We have taken our time and it was during a trip to Australia, the birthplace of our medical director, that all the necessary ingredients came together by magic to start producing “La Crème”. We discovered bleeding trees, the crystallised red sap of which possesses incredible healing properties, and this was the seed from which our idea for a cream grew. But as I said, we took our time because it took several years before we found the right method and the right partners to make this. And now it is done.

We have also elaborated a series of 11 specific micro-nutrition products with our research teams under the name Health Boost®. These Health Boost® products work by combining a large number of carefully selected nutritious elements in a specific order in its active ingredients to achieve the desired effect: to provide the body with all the elements essential for optimum function and self-regulation, while avoiding saturation and competition at a cellular level, thus enabling the body to adapt and protect itself and function to its best potential.

We are also working on projects with the Chinese market, but more of that will be revealed soon enough.


You briefly mentioned the main sectors which you are involved in, can you elaborate on your main treatments?

The most popular treatments are Haute Couture, Perfect lift 21, Hair Implants, REG 21, Smile by Clinic Lémanic and Autologous Stem Cells. Haute couture and Perfect lift 21 are the perfect replacements for the original and outdated method of the facelift. Both are surgery free and can be performed individually or combined together depending on the desired result. REG 21 and Hair Implants are different methods to help battle against alopecia. Whether you choose Hair implants or REG 21, a stimulation method to help the regrowth of hair, we cover almost all needs for those who want their hair back. Our Smile Concept uses the extremely thin dental veneers and gives you your smile back in just one session (provided the teeth are sufficiently aligned). As for the Autologous Stem Cell Reinfusion, it is included in a program which we created to revitalize the skin and delay the ageing effects in a fully natural way. We also offer all the basic aesthetic, non-invasive treatments dedicated to skin beauty, body resculpting and anti-ageing such as injections, deep and light chemical peels etc. and have a team dedicated to plastic and reconstructive surgery who will provide the patient with the best guidance in order to achieve their objectives.


Website: https://www.cliniclemanic.ch


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