A 5-Star Stay Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Skyscanner, the global travel search engine, is making travel even more attainable for travelers with its latest hotel data findings. While the idea of choosing a 5-star hotel seems off-limits to most, Skyscanner analyzed its data to debunk some myths and prove to travelers that the option is more reasonable than they would be led to believe. Skyscanner has found that some of the most widely searched domestic and international destinations boast the most affordable 5-star hotels, giving travelers a lot more to consider when planning their travel this year.

As if travelers needed even more of an incentive to get packing, there are plenty of options when it comes to 5-star hotels in major (and highly coveted) destinations. Skyscanner has pulled an extensive list of results, and below are some highlights that show the variety of pricing available, with all well under the $1,000/night mark and most international destinations’ 5-star hotels coming in below $500/night.

Destination Average cost per night
Orlando $322
Miami/Miami Beach $332/$464
Chicago $512
San Francisco $519
Oahu $555
Los Angeles $715
New York $1,094


Destination Average cost per night
Manila $172
Phuket $248
Athens $254
Madrid $272
Bali $301
Sydney $355
Cancun $528
Rome $679
Milan $817
Maldives Islands $969


(Source: Skyscanner)

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