The 5 Most Expensive Things to do on Vacation

  1. Rent a club in Dubai

Looking for the most extravagant clubbing experience you can find? Head to Dubai. Dubai is known for its over the top experiences, from island hopping off the coast, to luxury cars pulling up at exclusive clubs.

While many of the clubs won’t have a cover charge, they do have a dress code, and if you’re not dressed to impress, you won’t be getting in. These exclusive party spots are truly top of the line. The only way it could get better? Rent one out just for you and your friends. Yes, you can rent out the club for your own private event.

The White Club in Dubai, a rooftop bar, and club, is available to rent out for private parties, holding from 100 to 1,500 people. With about 16,000 square feet of club space, three full-service bars, and DJ service, you will be living like the rich and famous. The club is only open during Dubai’s winter months, so be sure to check out the date before you book your party.

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