The 5 Most Expensive Things to do on Vacation

Travel is all about treating yourself, after all, why else do you make money than to treat yourself to nice things. This Christmas, you deserve to vacation like the biggest stars of Hollywood – penthouses, private clubs, yachts, the full celebrity treatment.

If you’re looking for the most lavish vacation experience, or just curious about what the rich do on vacation, check out our list of the top five most expensive things to do while on vacation.

  1. Island Hop on your own private Yacht in the Caribbean

This is your chance to island hop like the rich and famous. Imagine you and your closest friends sailing on the clear blue seas, stopping at the hottest islands to relax on clear, white sand beaches, drinking out of a coconut.

Return to your yacht at the end of the day, with multiple floors and plenty of party space. With up to five bedrooms, a full kitchen and dining room, and all gear you need for snorkeling, fishing, or wake-boarding, you barely need to leave your yacht.

The best route for your trip is to start on the island of Barbados and spend your vacation Rihanna style in a beachside paradise. Your next stop should be the mountains, volcanoes, and beaches of St. Lucia, followed by swimming, wildlife parks, and adventure in the US Virgin Islands.

Take a break from the beaches by heading to the colonial cities of San Juan, Puerto Rico, followed by Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. End your trip with more relaxation on clear, blue beaches in Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas.

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