Great Business is Built through Trust, Transparency and Reciprocity

Intercorp Group is an international consulting firm that serves High-Net-Worth entrepreneurs and their families. The company’s consultants pride themselves on finding professional solutions to often very personal issues, including migration and succession planning, right through to finding the right property and a good school. Intercorp has a rigorous understanding of their clients’ businesses, paired with a global knowledge of the economic climate, a robust network of trusted specialists, and an entrepreneurial spirit which brings together insight from multiple disciplines—making us a unique and sought-after partner.

This month, CEO Today spoke to the Founder of Intercorp – Leonardo Braune, an experienced consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate planning, wealth preservation, fiduciary advice, implementation and management of international structures and projects.


What are the organisation’s mission and values? How have these evolved in the past 5 years?

Our mission is to help the world’s most successful entrepreneurs navigate the High-Net-Worth universe in which they now find themselves.
While our role has evolved in recent years, our values have stayed the same. Above all, we believe that consultancies should remain loyal and responsible to their clients. In an unpredictable financial world, such a service is becoming more and more vital.

While Intercorp Group is wholly independent, relationships and business agreements form its lifeblood. As a consultancy that advises on an international basis, joint business ventures for specific jurisdictions are pivotal in providing the best advice and outcomes for our clients.

We have access to a network of specialists, carefully built through reputation and personal experience. This network includes several hundred strategic partners, all quality assured, checked and vetted, many of whom give preferential rates, deals and have great access to unique opportunities. This network model is rare and effective—it helps bypass corporate competition, ensuring access to the best expert in any given field.


How has the company grown in terms of operations or service offerings in recent times?

Over the past 20 years, Intercorp has evolved from being a traditional tax consultancy, to a multi-disciplinary strategic consulting firm. In a world of rapid change, clients need a partner which is able to adapt to the shifting conditions of multiple jurisdictions; while remaining a consistent and reliable source of independent advice. Our heritage in tax consulting has provided us with the expertise to become the bridge between the process-driven corporate consultancy world and the real human needs of the client. We adopt the needs and objectives of our clients and manage the potential risks to which they may be exposed.


What makes Intercorp unique? What differentiates it from other consulting firms?

Clients rarely engage Intercorp Group for single-issue solutions or off-the-shelf products. More often, they come to us with a much broader, general demand—the bigger picture. We work most effectively in long-term partnerships where clients grant us a high level of autonomy to make decisions on their behalf.
This is unique in the consultancy marketplace and requires a high level of respect between both parties, particularly because actions, much less results, are not always immediate. To yield the best end-results, our consultants know that truly strategic decisions are made at the right time rather than at the earliest opportunity. Our longest standing clients understand this and trust in our promise to assume responsibility for their best interests, as if they were our own.


What is your previous experience and how do you draw on this in your current role?

I started my career as a tax consultant, advising High-Net-Worth Brazilian nationals on international and cross-border issues. Using my knowledge of international tax regulations and the unique needs of Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals, I am able to provide advice on global solutions for individuals and their international business interests. Over the years, I have nurtured relationships, developing a level of confidence and trust that helps my clients reach an efficient and successful resolution.


Looking long term, what do you anticipate for Intercorp?

Intercorp will remain at the forefront of developments in the international tax regulatory world. Based on our evolving knowledge of the landscape, we will continue to provide efficient advice based not on what the law says today, but on what we believe the law is going to say tomorrow, how governments will behave and how trends will develop over time.


How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Intercorp never stands still. We adapt to the environment around us, and the individual needs of our clients. We will continue to evolve in this regard to ensure the best long-term outcome for our clients.


If you could share one piece of advice with CEO Today’s readers, what would it be?

Always treat your clients as partners first, client second. Treat them with integrity by encouraging an open and frank discussion about their needs and objectives. A healthy debate often leads to a better solution.


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