Could Giving Interview Feedback Help You Employ Better in Future?

In the UK, 83% of people claim to have never received feedback after attending a face-to-face interview. 77% of people aged 18-23 would like to see feedback after a face-to-face interview become a legal requirement as they think it would speed up the process by giving them confidence and helping them focus on development areas.

What are the benefits of sharing feedback?

  • For employers = prepared candidates, reputation, returning candidates.
  • For candidates = personal development, personal confidence, efficiency.
  • For the labour force = Lower rates of unemployment, prepared, more successful candidates, cost reduction.

Industry stakeholders backing the campaign and recommendations include:

  • Paul Devoy, Chief Executive, Investors in People (IIP);
  • Jemeela Quraishi, Development Manager, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD);
  • Alex Metcalfe, UK Policy Lead for Employment and Pensions, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB);
  • Grace Mehanna, Campaign Director of Youth Employment, Business in the Community (BITC);
  • Stephen Isherwood, CEO of Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) .

The Fight for Feedback Campaign

The Fight for Feedback campaign was launched in the interest of candidates who are trying to secure employment. The campaign has since attracted the support of all human resources stakeholders who attended the dedicated industry roundtable discussion, and all believe that encouraging employers to give feedback will have a positive impact on the UK economy.

The Solution

All stakeholders listed agree that a list of guiding principles should be made available on a new ‘feedback friendly’ website (funded for by the stakeholders backing the campaign), which will become the dedicated resource for employers and candidates.

Employers will be invited to tick a box to pledge their promise to follow the principles as part of their recruitment and selection process. At this point they will receive the ‘feedback friendly’ accreditation, which they can display using the dedicated logo on their website.

The website will promote a range of best practice employer / candidate case studies to demonstrate positive and time-effective ways to share feedback.

(Source: #FightForFeedback)

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