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Next up we spoke to David Bily who introduces us to Vantage FX – an Australian regulated forex broker, providing traders of all asset classes’ access to global markets. As Vantage FX are an ECN broker and not a market maker, the company’s traders experience lightning fast trade execution and some of the tightest interbank grade spreads. Whether you’re an indices, commodities or forex trader, Vantage FX has a trading solution to meet your individual needs.


One of the things that Vantage FX has been growing very aggressively for, in the recent months, is the company’s reputation and transparency – could you tell us a bit about the company’s ethics and priorities towards its clients?

Regulated by one of the most respected regulatory bodies in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), our increased reputation within trading circles has been a testament to the work that our entire team at Vantage FX continues to undertake.

Vantage FX is a true ECN forex broker, meaning that there is no conflict of interest or dealing desk intervention between Vantage FX and our clients. Whether you’re a relatively small trader, or a consistently profitable professional, the spreads you see are the spreads you get. Transparency is as simple as that.


You and your team have been pivotal in managing the transparency with the company’s clients and potential clients – would you evaluate your role and its impact over the last year or so?

I’ve helped to oversee this transition from a classic phone sales model, to a fully integrated digital marketing driven sales approach. This integration has helped us brand as an honest and transparent ECN forex broker, who basically have nothing to hide behind a dealing desk curtain.

In today’s online environment of public social media, forums and review websites, there really is no point in hiding away from being a part of the greater trading community or criticism. It is integral for transparency that our team is always on hand to address any online client issues up front and in full view of the public.


What are the most common challenges that you are faced with in your role? What motivates you about it?

My role within Vantage FX is to oversee the entire sales and marketing operation. Within the forex trading industry, the sales and marketing teams simply must be working side by side in order to achieve a consistent message to both existing and potentially new clients.

Changing the thinking of traditional corporate structure has been challenging, but the agility of our talented staff here at Vantage FX certainly hasn’t come as a shock internally. It’s the people that make a business and I could not be more proud of my team!


Vantage FX has been recognised worldwide by a number of organisations and publications, including the Forex Awards and Finance Monthly’s FinTech Awards. What do these recognitions mean for the company?

The diversification of awards that Vantage FX has received across numerous categories show that we are so much more than just a ‘forex broker’.

While ECN forex trading will always be our core business identity, the ability to offer world class trading of indices and commodities on our industry leading MT4 platform, has seen us recognised in a more broad sense.

We are proud that Vantage FX is being recognised on the world stage and will continue to use such accolades as motivation to keep moving in a forward direction.


What is your outlook for the future of Vantage FX for 2017 and beyond?

Major IT infrastructure and customer relationship management upgrades are two business critical projects that are still within the implementation stage. The full benefits of the upgrades will soon be felt but patience here is key. We simply have to get it right.

In terms of sales and marketing, our new proprietary CRM system is going to revolutionise the way that affiliates and introducing brokers do business with us, putting them in full control of their own dealings with us.

We will continue to allocate our sales and marketing budget smarter, not necessarily wider. Learning from our past and continuing to innovate moving forward will be key.

The future of Vantage FX is certainly bright!


Website: http://www.vantagefx.com


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