CEO Today - January 2023

If you are a decision-maker, you already know the basics to achieve results and thrive in your business. This success can be accomplished by a good action plan, a follow-up, and the measurement of results. As you already do this for your company, make it your resolution to apply the same strategy to yourself. Before your 9-5, clear your mornings, and set an action plan to focus on your health, mindset, or productivity. Then create a morning routine that will drive you to those goals and stick to it. Follow up and measure the results, and in consequence, you will experience achievements and exciting benefits in your professional and personal life. Adrian Gonzalez is an entrepreneur, life coach, and the author of Morning Zen. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a composite of multiple skills. From understanding your emotions - ‘self-awareness’, being able to manage your emotions - ‘self-regulation’, wanting to change -’motivation’, being able to ‘empathise’ with others, and ultimately improving your ‘social skills’. This unique combination of attributes, when considered together, provides for a well-rounded leader that is able to manage and lead at the highest level. Research shows that those with higher EQ skills are more successful in their careers and have leadership qualities in line with top-level management, which in turn nurtures a happy, healthy and high-performing company culture. EQ isn’t a fixed asset, so leaders should keep working on it. For example, keeping a diary and making note of your emotions throughout the day, practicing mindfulness to be more present with your emotions, or being brave and talking about how you feel are 3 ways to develop your EQ. Oliver Henry is a workplace wellbeing expert and the cofounder of WorkLifeWell. vision & strategy Set up – and stick to – a morning routine Develop your EQ 39

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