CEO Today - January 2023

2022 has been a year of challenges and uncertainties for many companies, but whether we like it or not, the conventional rules and actions are making little progress in improving the business landscape. It’s time CEOs get out of their corporate comfort zone and start thinking – and acting – more counter-conventionally, more entrepreneurially. Many successful entrepreneurs exhibit mindsets that fly in the face of traditional business wisdom, allowing them to challenge assumptions, overcome obstacles, mitigate risk, and break the conventional rules. By thinking outside of the box, they can take full advantage of new opportunities that drive growth and innovation, turning ‘no’s’ into ‘yes’s’ and changing the world from the outside in. Consider how you would tackle customer problems or the latest digital project if you weren’t limited by established conventions. A ‘break-the-rules’ mindset will provide different results, so be your organisation’s leader in identifying how to challenge conventional thinking and build a culture where the entrepreneurial mindset can thrive. JohnMullins is an internationally recognized thought leader on entrepreneurship, professor of management practice at London Business School, and best-selling author of a new book Break the Rules! The 6 Counter–Conventional Mindsets of Entrepreneurs That Can Help Anyone Change the World (Wiley, £21.99). Think & act like an entrepreneur THE DISRUPTORS vision & strategy 40

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