CEO Today - January 2023

The number one resolution for business leaders in 2023 should be to ensure that their big goals are broken down into everyday actions. Research shows that fewer than 25% of employees can articulate the company’s strategic priorities. Fewer still are clear about what they need to do to help meet them. The gap between strategy and execution is growing. The key to improving performance in 2023 is to help individuals and teams focus on the right small steps they need to take every day to progress towards their big goals. Help them to focus on these actions; avoid distraction; and become individually accountable for playing their part in progress. If we can get hundreds or even thousands of people doing the right small things regularly, the compound effect of consistency will see us smash our goals…and some. The new zeitgeist is to think small to deliver big. Jeremy Campbell is the CEO of performance improvement and technology business Black Isle Group and an expert on behavioural change. It can be easy when responding to the day-to-day demands of a busy leadership role to get caught up in the whirlwind and not pause for breath. This can lead to feeling exhausted and can trigger feelings of imposter syndrome. This year, schedule in short moments to stop, ground and re-charge yourself. Take a breather – 5 breaths in and out, with the words: “I am enough, I do enough”. With each inhale focus on the energy that you bring to your leadership role, and with each exhale focus on something you feel grateful for. Do this between meetings, on the way to work – aim for three times a day. Reminding yourself that you are enough and taking time to breathe is a great re-set for busy lives. Becky Hall is an accredited life coach, leadership consultant and is the author of The Art of Enough. THE DISRUPTORS vision & strategy Break down goals into everyday actions Remember that you are enough 38

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