CEO Today - March 2022

28 EXECUTIVE COACHING Systems Thinker Your focus here shifts from internal to systems thinking, although this is still about your inner self. You are mindful of interacting with the larger systems in which you operate and influence—professional life, personal life and beyond—and you appreciate that there are impactful and (im) balancing dynamics across boundaries. Driven by renewed purpose and a valued sense of self, you are willing to explore and interact to push boundaries for the benefit of yourself, others and the systems in which you operate, including the world’s ecosystem and the health of our planet. Collaborative As a leader, you will rarely achieve systemswide outcomes on your own. Instead, you are open, willing and wanting to develop relationships that are cognisant of the various influencing and impacting powers, knowledge and experiences of different people. You appreciate the interconnectiveness of the system(s) and where they fit in. Here, generative collaboration produces a collective intelligence in the system(s) and creates solutions and innovations well beyond what is planned for. Outcome-Driven and Solution Focused You are aware of (possible) problems and work with a desire to focus on solutions. You are motivated to consider outputs and outcomes and use this to harness yours and others’ energies and motivations to action the needs identified, as well as possible needs not yet understood. Leader of Self At the core of the model is YOU, the individual leader and your inner self: your learning mindset, your motivations and how you perceive, experience, think, interpret and interact with the world around you and the systems you operate in. Your desire and mindset to positively impact the systems in which you operate guides you on this journey of development and lifelong learning and selfleadership. You will become more mindful of your inner self and what you stand for, what drives you, what you are connected to, and the impacts your being and doing have. This raised awareness of who you are powers the congruent aligns you to act in ways that are a force for good in the systems in which you operate, including for our planet. Purposeful and Intentional You are motivated and committed to identifying (a) need(s) – This could be at a systems level, team level or individual level. You are intent on setting positive intentions and are willing to create outcomes and consider the results you desire. This, combined with ‘you’ leading yourself, contributes to actions that are more inflow and congruent with who you are. Resourceful – Inner Qualities and Inner Strengths For action to happen, you are prepared to tap into your inner resources of courage, adaptability, autonomy, compassion, self-care and others. This will allow you to behave in desired ways, depending on the situations you find yourself in when addressing your identified need(s). Even if you feel unable to find those resources within you, your willingness to explore different sources and possibly dig deep to locate them will prove critical in terms of impacting the ways you act. WAYS OF BEING IN LEADERSHIP MODEL 9 ever-evolving inner ways of BEING that impact on DOING 1 2 5 3 4 6

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