CEO Today - March 2022

29 EXECUTIVE COACHING Decisive You enable yourself and others to harness all the DIFFERENT parts of the model to power the decision making and action. You know and are willing to work with the fact that different situations require different decision-making styles and varying levels of input from people within the system(s) whilst weighing up risks, financials, possible paradoxes and other factors to benefit the system. Clear and Impactful Vast amounts of information need to be managed, processed, made clear and communicated. You purposefully gather information and realise clarity over the value of the information. You seek to share that clarity, in positively purposeful, impactful ways, with others who need it to achieve outcomes. You are aware of the impact of verbal and non-verbal communications and use that to positively and ethically influence. Regulator of Emotions You, as a leader, are the custodian of the emotions in your charge–that includes yours as well as others. In your quest to engage people, consciously and other than consciously, you create psychological safety for people operating in the system(s) you impact. This enables people and the teams you impact to be better equipped to achieve what you and they set out to achieve, and outcomes are delivered successfully and with more motivation and wellbeing. 7 8 9 This framework allows you to tap into your inner self, your inner ways of being and supports you in finding out what is important to you, what drives you. It takes you on an ever-evolving leadership journey. It does not proclaim to structure the seemingly intangible and amorphous self that has been at the centre of philosophical debate for centuries; it merely gives it a (temporary) form so that we can work with and better understand your inner self as it evolves with renewed intention. As you raise your awareness of your inner workings, you begin to feel more aligned with who you truly are, and this congruence changes the way you feel energised and what you act upon. As you explore this more in every domain where you are required to act, more alignment and authenticity ensue and actions flow more effortlessly with integrity. This better understanding of self provides you with a means to gain the ability to lead in ways that remain true to self. It also allows for your energies to be better divested to better support yourself and others to achieve and deliver on the needs of the organisation and the bigger, broader systems. You can expect heightened purpose, productivity, decisiveness, innovation, agility, positivity, happier you and happier stakeholders, increased impact. This energy exudes from you and draws people to you. It engages and inspires others to walk with you, as they sense the congruence, authenticity, purpose and drive in you. And as a result, more agile and adaptable individuals, teams, organisations and outcomes evolve. This leadership evolution creates a space for exploration and conversation—a common language and a personal mindset shaping tool. It is particularly suited to our VUCA world as it creates agility and flexibility with purpose and determination and sustainability, not just for ourselves, but for our teams and organisations. Bring it to life through a curious and inquisitive mind, a willingness to reflect and grow in mindfulness, and in taking the time to do so. Consider its 9 Ways of Being and use it to self-diagnose and develop. Ask those around you for their feedback. Be intentional. Seek a mentor, a skilled facilitator or a leadership coach. Be willing to experience an ongoing journey to accept the stage you are in. In the coming months, watch for my series of questions about each Way of Being. These questions will help you consider aspects of your Ways of Being to reflect and to set intentions, desired outcomes and pathways to act. Alternatively, contact me and let us explore your needs and walk the journey together once we feel we can be true journey companions. Unleash your Way of Being into ethical and worthy causes. Consider your drivers, what’s important to you and to future generations. Use your empowered, congruent self and your privileged position of Being in Leadership to act and fight for our planet and for everyone’s right to live a happy and healthy life within a flourishing world ecosystem in true equilibrium. What’s your evolution and what’s your revolution? And with that challenge, sustain yourself with a coach! I support leaders and organisations to sustain themselves and evolve in their leadership style so they can naturally and organically up their game, deliver and be a force for good. I also support leaders and organisations as they evolve in the current environmental and sustainability revolution. I’d be delighted to discuss how I can support your ongoing evolution with you! You can contact me on

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