CEO Today - March 2022

chooses to mix them and cook them is purely a matter of preference. So where do you turn on your journey of Leadership Being and Doing? There is a framework you can use: an organic, personal roadmap that charts a tailor-made journey just for you, the Way of Being in Leadership model, with its nine constantly evolving Ways of Being. You travel in any which direction you choose, through whichever Way of Being you want to focus on. Each of these nine Ways of Being is contained within its own Fibonacci spiral, each connected and part of a bigger interconnected ecosystem. You learn to walk by falling, picking yourself up and trying again and again… and then before you know it, you can run. And leadership is like that too. Fibonacci spirals are omnipresent. They can be seen in the unravelling fern, in the galaxies, in the crest of a wave, in the nautilus shell, and in life’s experiences. The nautilus, a cousin of the octopus, starts life small; it lives in its ever-evolving Fibonacci spiralled shell, and as it grows it builds its shell one chamber at a time. As it outgrows one chamber it moves into the next, bringing its whole being to the next level and then the next level and so on. The chambers that come before are not wasted. In fact, they add to its buoyancy as it grows. Nothing is wasted. Everything is of value and of service. Leadership is the same! © Reproduce with Permission of Samia Shehadeh 2021. Find out more at & 27 EXECUTIVE COACHING

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