CEO Today - March 2022

Now consider evolution… Evolution feels smoother and more natural; it just kind of happens. It’s fluid and more effortless, and if we add a dose of consciousness and well-placed intentions, it guides us where we want to go, in a smooth ‘rolling hills’ sort of a way. And what of this leadership revolution? CEOs and leaders everywhere are all at a crossroads, a critical juncture presenting one of the biggest challenges for generations: the survival of our species and the ecosystems we rely on. And somewhere in the enormity of that statement, lies YOUR SURVIVAL and the survival of YOUR ORGANISATION. Leaders today have more to contend with than at any other time in history. The economic models that seemingly reward us with wealth simply ensure that we continue doing what we’ve always done, systemically exploiting the finite resources of our planet and destroying the biodiversity around us. We live in ‘VUCA times’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) amid fast-changing headwinds and prevailing ambiguities. We understand now, more than ever, the interconnectedness of a multitude of systems at both local and global scale, and we constantly navigate the world around us in the face of overwhelming distractions and needs. Our organisations and our planet need intuitive, decisive leadership that empowers and inspires - a reliable beacon to guide the way. And what if that beacon was already in you? Emanating from an inner core of intrinsic potential giving rise to: • a deep and humble self-belief and determination • an understanding of what drives and motivates you • a feeling of congruence, alignment, integrity, authenticity • behaviours and actions that truly define who you are, energise you and others, engage people and teams, and provide you with desired outcomes and results • newfound peace and fulfilment. It is a well-known fact that leadership of others begins with leadership of self. While we may never be the perfect finished article (nor do we want to be), there are immense benefits to acknowledging and accepting this fact. And what about change, exactly? It is, after all, many things. Change has a certain imperative; an effort associated with it; we, our people, teams and organisations are oversaturated with it. It is an abundance of effort and can often feel like an end game; a fixed stopping point until we start again for the next cycle of change. As Einstein pointed out, we cannot resolve our problems with the same order of consciousness that created these problems in the first place. There is indeed a need to evolve our economic and cultural ways and repair the production and destruction model to better suit the needs of humanity and its ecosystems. How? As leaders of organisations that have a direct impact on today’s economic and cultural factors, the outcome of the question is on you. You are the being who does the doing and your ways of being in leadership impact your ways of doing leadership. Who you are on the inside - your very essence and the way you perceive, interpret and think about the world and yourself and your experiences - impacts your outward manifestations of self - what you do; while what you are doing becomes the actions you take and the outcomes you achieve. So how do we connect our inner being to our outward doing? There are vast numbers of leadership models to help us understand what it is that we need to do to be great leaders. They mostly outline the how-tos and tell us, for example, that we must delegate, we must consider the situation, we must transform, we must decide, we must work to goals, and we must motivate. There are as many great ways of being in leadership as there are great leaders. Just think about that for a moment. While we can be aware of ingredients, or perhaps experience some of these ingredients in others, how each of us THE LEADERSHIP EVOLUTION AND REVOLUTION! 9 Ways to be Intuitively Present in Leadership - A Framework to Raise Awareness and Support How Your Being Impacts Your Doing “ “ Leaders today have more to contend with than at any other time in history. 26 EXECUTIVE COACHING

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