CEO Today - March 2023

21 Please introduce us to Vomaris. Vomaris Innovations, Inc. is a privately held company based in Tempe, Arizona; owned by Franklin Mountain Capital. Vomaris’s mission is to revolutionise infection control andwound healing through the delivery of microcell battery-powered electricity. Our patented V.Dox® Technology powers a full line of FDA-cleared products that is supported by a strong base of published scientific and clinical evidence. V.Dox Technology is the only platform of its kind in the global wound and incisional care markets. It is developed and manufactured in the US by Vomaris. The Vomaris management team is highly experienced in the medical device sector with nearly 100 years of combined medical device experience. Vomaris’s Board of Directors comprises senior leaders of Franklin Mountain Capital, which is a family office based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tell us more about the revolutionary technology behind it. V.Dox® Technology embeds microcell batteries onto the surface of wound dressings. Upon activation by moisture, they wirelessly generate electricity that mimics the electrical activity skin naturally creates and uses to heal We speak with Mike Nagel, President and CEO of Vomaris Innovations, Inc., about his company and how it is revolutionising infection control and wound healing. Q Q

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