CEO Today - March 2022

If you feel good, you look good. Have you noticed that some people, although at a first glance they lack the looks of a model, radiate more light than people with outstanding physical traits? Have you ever encountered people that look like they’re “extracted” from magazines, but their energy feels more like their image in a catalogue? What could make the difference? My message andmy mission are to help my clients discover their power within and switch on their inner light. I offer a safe space for reflection where golden keys are found by those who know what they are searching for and they are determined to act. There is so much power in action, in choices. One just needs to test the waters and enjoy swimming with their head underwater, as counterintuitive as it might sound for an entity breathing air and living on the land most of the time. I am yet to be a CEO, however, my professional context as Commercial Director in a financial services company offered me the chance to work closely with a handful of them for the past decade. A CEO means a decision-maker, it means a people-connector, it means an ambassador and ideally, a leader. In my opinion, the decision-making process is the most difficult part of any job or any aspect of one’s life for that matter. Deciding on anything requires clarity of mind with regards to goals and to what is truly important to someone. Clarity needs to be on the data for analysis, on the options to choose from, otherwise, irrespective of the direction, if all roads are foggy, the final decision is rather impossible to be achieved. My name is Claudiu and I am a systemic coach. I have always been passionate about people and systemic coaching seems to be my calling. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, I entered the financial world back in 2005, just a little bit before the 2008 financial crisis. During my nearly 20 years of professional experience, I have been constantly working in a global environment either from the perspective of the clients I had to serve, or my managers that I wanted to impress. My workmates were from various countries: United States, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, not to mention friends from all over the world: Singapore, Hong Kong, Peru, Russia and more. Currently, I work as a Commercial Director in a financial services company, interacting daily with top executives from the financial industry, but also with national officials or International Financial Institutions representatives such as IMF, World Bank, EBRD and more. My commercial role includes operational duties - my team currently counts 70+ members, out of which four managers and two specialists report directly to me. My mission is to help bring out the potential in people around me, so they gain more confidence in their own resources. Coaching is a process in which I can accompany a client’s inner dialogue with reflective or challenging perspectives in view of reaching the desired outcome that the client wants. Systemic coaching is “hard to explain in a few simple words”, my coaching teacher used to say when being asked about it. Systemic coaching is “hard to explain in a few simple words”, my coaching teacher used to say when being asked about it. My take on it is that our personal universe works as a whole and all its elements are interconnected. “ “ 55 EXECUTIVE COACHING

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