CEO Today - March 2022

40 EXECUTIVE COACHING management, working memory, mental and emotional resiliency, innovative/creative thinking, and the list goes on. The higher the executive position within the company, the more that individual person needs to elevate their mental/emotional executive functions. CEOs and leaders who are evolving and expanding their hearts and minds will naturally outperform those who are not. There is an obvious benefit to companies and society if our C-Suites and leaders are working on bettering themselves. This creates a ripple effect. The visibility of a leader modelling the model of being an authentic, whole, human(e) being impacts a lot of people in a very positive way. Historically, we have had a shortage of altruistic, visionary, innovative leaders moving humanity forward. They tend to be few and far between. We need more of them. Life coaching for C-Suite individuals and leaders has a very valuable ROI. Imagine going through IPOs, startups, fast organic consciousness and expanded executive functions. Leadership is about raising people up and modelling a model of behaviour that people want to follow. I work with leaders who have a yearning desire to realise a vision and impact the world. Most of my clients are C-suite executives in small and medium enterprises. A large portion of them is working to transform a business model or process. They are high-achieving creators and innovators. They understand that it is essential to scale their executive functions of heart and mind if they want to scale their companies. How does life coaching affect CEOs and leaders? Your executive function of mind and heart is what sets you apart and gives you the ability to create impactful change. Think, for example; emotional control, flexibility, goal-directed persistence, metacognition, organisation, planning/prioritisation, response inhibition, stress regulation, sustained attention, task initiation, time growth, scaling, company sell-off, mergers, and cultural and strategic pivots with an internal wisdom adviser and educator. Somebody you can be 100% honest with, in a safe zone to figure out what your best choices are as a human being. In this kind of work, we look beyond the tactical, practical, calculable data choice points into what is meaningful and satisfying in alignment with your calling, as well as the best interest of the company and its mission. When the stakes couldn’t be higher, having a qualified professional helping you get it right is precious. CEOs and leaders are often expected to make high-impact decisions that they’ve never made before. Often, they’re asked to do this without substantial data or proof of outcome. It can be very high risk and high stakes. Having a quality life or leadership coach pointing out your mental, emotional, and behavioural trap doors is a lifesaver. This, in turn, brings clarity to pressured decision-making. Some things I’ve heard back frommy clients are: “You saved my ass!” “I didn’t blow up in their faces.” “I kept my cool.” “It was surreal, I could totally see what was really happening underneath in that negotiation.” “You were right, they behaved exactly like you said they would. But, I was prepared.” “I felt so confident and at ease, nothing could disrupt me!” This kind of work is not for the faint of heart. As studies show, most executives make decisions froma place of fear. Listening to fear holds us back from being thriving, creative, innovative professionals. Breaking through that fear makes all the difference

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