CEO Today - March 2022

39 EXECUTIVE COACHING Why should leaders focus on self-development? There are countless benefits to working with a life coach. Leaders who focus on self-development see improvement in their development and refinement of vision, decision-making skills, and higher executive functions.My clients learn how to become calmer under stress, more self-aware, confident, authentic, impactful, powerful, and emotionally intelligent. Their ability to engage and lead others increases exponentially due to their ability to manage and inspire new behaviours in their teams that foster employee engagement, passion, high performance, innovation, and creative solutions. How does life coaching differ from other types of coaching? What’s important to understand is that good leadership and executive coaching is founded in life coaching. All methods of coaching are looking for behavioural change. To think that life coaching is just about health and wellness or something outside of worklife is an error. In all coaching, it is fundamental to achieve a state of behavioural change in order to be successful. Many methodologies will address this from the outside in with something like a 360. Life coaching addresses behavioural change from the inside out. Generally speaking, the inside out methodology brings deeper transformation and more integrated results. It is a more direct method of creating personal and professional transformation. Really good leadership coaching is life coaching. This is because leadership is not just a list of scripted ways of doing things. Leadership is all about selfactualisation and modelling a model of higher

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