CEO Today - February 2022

Alex Kergall Award-winning high-performance coach Alex Kergall knows that unlocking the next 1% of your potential differentiates “good” from “great”. With a background as an elite athlete, transitioning into finance before finding his calling, Alex’s rich experience and varied mental training is behind his holistic approach to coaching, encompassing mind, body, heart, and spirit. Using this approach, combined with his unique measurement tool – the Global Performance Index (GPI) – Alex helps CEOs, the private sector, professional athletes, and global leaders deliver more performance, more influence, and less stress in a way they can measure. Taking his learnings as an elite cross-country runner, Alex concentrates his work on top executives or “corporate athletes” – people who want to maximise performance and wellbeing to fast track their growth. He also took on one of coaching’s greatest issues, how to show a tangible ROI. Alex is a lifeline to those who he coaches, and through the GPI, he is a delight to those who invest in their team. Performance Coach This is Why You Need a

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