CEO Today - Media Pack 2023

S O L U S E M A I L MARKET I NG CEO Today’s exclusive solus service takes the hassle out of sending emai l campaigns. We can send single or multiple emai l campaigns on your behalf to your desired audience within our database and host your thought-leadership content and your latest products/services to generate awareness. We have bui lt up an impressive audience over the last 7 years, giving you access to over 200 thousand contacts across the globe, ensuring you find the right audience for your business. Campaigns That Work For You You can choose your own data segments from the database and refine your l ists by job title, industry sector and location. Using CEO Today’s comprehensive solus emai l services wi l l help you: • Generate pre-qual ified leads with ful l contact detai ls • Identify those decision makers who are more l ikely to buy your services • Drive traffic to your white paper to promote your brand as a thought leader • Maximise your Marketing ROI • Drive traffic to your site and give your brand exposure • Del iver important updates and news to your target audience Post Campaign Analysis With any campaign, analysing the results is vital to understanding what product, template or time of day is working. With our sophisticated emai l platforms we can analyse many aspects of your campaigns such as: • Del ivery rates • Open rates • Cl ick-through rates • Hard & soft bounce monitoring • Domain analysis • Unsubscribes • Opens by device type • Geographical opens

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