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Business. Lifestyle. Leadership. Inspiration.

WHO ARE WE ? CEO Today Magazine is a premium aspirational l ifestyle and business magazine. We seek to inspire, motivate and inform the world’s most successful business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs through our content. Our magazine provides news, interviews and features about the most influential leaders in the business world and beyond, focusing on topical stories, exclusive content and in-depth articles that motivate our readers. Our goal is to inspire leadership and innovation among the world’s business el ite. Rather than detai l ing the minutiae of smal l business, we focus on the inspiration behind the world’s most successful companies and their leaders. Photo: Kuhlmann /MSC, WikiCommons (CC BY 3.0 DE)

OUR PORT F OL I O December 2021 Ma g a z i n e C EOTo d a yMa g a z i n e . c om Ema i l Ma r ke t i n g Awa r d s S u p p l e m e n t s

27% 26% 15% 13% 3% 7% O U R S TAT I S T I C S 148k Monthly Readers 260k Pageviews Per Month 16k Print Subscribers 6k Social Media Fol lowers 280k Monthly Social Reach 190k Mai l ing List G L O BA L I M P A C T

A AUD I ENC E $267,000 $125,000 Avg. Income Avg. Car Value 2+ Avg. Businesses 46 Avg. Age 64% / 36% Male Female 92% C-Suite/Business Owners

nspiring the Business World I Our magazine is sent to over 250,000 of the world’s most prominent CEOs global ly who rely on CEO Today to del iver them relevant and stimulating content that motivates the leaders of today. Areas that we focus on include: CEO Interviews Success Stories Entrepreneurship Sustainabi l ity Investment and Wealth Management Women in Business Bi l l ionaires Luxury Travel and Lifestyle

BR A N D PA R T N E R S H I P S & C ON T R I B U T E R S CEO Today Magazine is the choice for brands worldwide to increase their exposure. We work with and feature some of the biggest global businesses each month across a multitude of sectors.

CREATIVE P A T N E R S H I P S Our Creative Partnerships al low advertisers to work with CEO Today to create bespoke campaigns which sit seamlessly within our editorial environment and put your product in front of a global C-Level audience. Our team wi l l propose creative concepts to be used across a myriad of platforms ensuring engaging content and excel lent reach for your product or service.

R a t e c a r d s ADV ERT I S I NG £1,295 £795 Double Page Spread 420 x 275mm (+5mm Bleed) 170 x 112mm (No Bleed) 83 x 230mm (No Bleed) 210 x 275 (+5mm Bleed) Ful l Page £395 £395 Half Page Landscape Half Page Portrait

WEBSITE C E OTo d a y M a g a z i n e . c o m 150k 420% 8 Monthly Onl ine Page Views Month-on-Month Increase Since 2018 Average Page Views Onl ine per Session 1 Background Takeover

O n l i n e ADV ERT I S I NG £35* £25* £35* £30* £25* Background Takeover Title Banner Skyscraper Banner Panorama Banner Side Bar/MPU Takeover 1600 x 1024px 728 x 90px 300 x 700px 960 x 90px 300 x 250px * Price calculated at Cost per Thousand (CPM) 2 3 4 5 1 1 3 5 2 4 Background Takeover Title Banner Skyscraper Banner Side Bar/ MPU Takeover Panorama Banner

Features & Analysis Innovations, chal lenges, sector updates, expansion, investment, corporate news Big Business Questions The big questions answered by leading industry experts, from cybersecurity to the next big thing A Day in the Life Examining what makes a CEO tick and how they develop a successful business and l ifestyle Inside Business Tips Reducing operating costs, adopting the latest tech, getting the most out of employees Regulatory Updates Staying ahead of key changes that may affect business Investor & Deal Reports Deal & M&A c verage and investor recommendations Travel & Style Corporate travel , great escap s, luxury products, time saving gadgets and technology W I TH I N PR I NT

EST. Jan 2018

A P E E K I N S I D E A taste of the articles and interviews that feature in CEO Today every month.

F ORWARD F EATURE S CEO Today Features Travel & Lifestyle Popular Topics The Fal l of Crypto King Sam Bankman-Fried Top Luxury Destinations for 2023 Sustainabi l ity in Business 2022’s Top Unicorns The Most Anticipated Luxury Hotel Openings for 2023 Technology 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Elon Musk The Best Michel in-Starred Restaurants in the World Metaverse Feb 2023 Mar 2023 Apr 2023 Here at CEO Today Magazine, we’ re exci ted to announce our new Forward Features. Each month we invi te our readers to part icipate in content that is read by hundreds of thousands of l ike-minded execut ives wor ldwide. We have a select ion of art icles and topics that we’d love to hear f rom you, the experts, about . You can pick a topic that you feel best represents you and your f ield of expert ise and wr i te your feature based on our suggest ions. Our Edi tor ial team wi l l be on hand to provide assistance and guidance should you wish. I look forward to hear ing f rom you. A message from our editor, Katina Male

148k Monthly Readers

Every year CEO Today Magazine identifies and honours the most respected companies and their C-Level executives who lead the way on a global stage. Our team col late votes and indepth sector-by-sector research to choose the very best of the best among the world’s CEOs culminating in the publ ication of a special Winners Edition. Currently operating within both Africa and the USA, our awards are expanding quickly to include Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Latin America, and the UK. CEO Today Magazine’s annual awards continue to reward and celebrate the leadership and strategic vision of CEOs across a number of sectors to indentify the most successful , innovative and forwardthinking CEOs in business today. AWARDS

“I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the CEO Africa Awards and to be amongst such great renowned Leaders and companies within Africa.” “Thanking you most sincerely for your awards - it is indeed an honour to be amongst the great personalities across Africa.” MOHAMMED JAFFER CEO of Cybe r net LYN MANSOUR CEO of KLM Empowe red

A P E E K I N S I D E A taste of the featured winners and interviews that feature in the CEO Today awards!

S O L U S E M A I L MARKET I NG CEO Today’s exclusive solus service takes the hassle out of sending emai l campaigns. We can send single or multiple emai l campaigns on your behalf to your desired audience within our database and host your thought-leadership content and your latest products/services to generate awareness. We have bui lt up an impressive audience over the last 7 years, giving you access to over 200 thousand contacts across the globe, ensuring you find the right audience for your business. Campaigns That Work For You You can choose your own data segments from the database and refine your l ists by job title, industry sector and location. Using CEO Today’s comprehensive solus emai l services wi l l help you: • Generate pre-qual ified leads with ful l contact detai ls • Identify those decision makers who are more l ikely to buy your services • Drive traffic to your white paper to promote your brand as a thought leader • Maximise your Marketing ROI • Drive traffic to your site and give your brand exposure • Del iver important updates and news to your target audience Post Campaign Analysis With any campaign, analysing the results is vital to understanding what product, template or time of day is working. With our sophisticated emai l platforms we can analyse many aspects of your campaigns such as: • Del ivery rates • Open rates • Cl ick-through rates • Hard & soft bounce monitoring • Domain analysis • Unsubscribes • Opens by device type • Geographical opens

Put simply, because your marketing isn’t good enough. We special ise in creat ing and improving your business market ing. We have a simple goal : To help businesses measurably improve thei r market ing per formance and ROI through a var iety of channels that sui t them. Whether you’ re a new business or an establ ished f i rm looking to modernise and overhaul your brand, we are here to help. We conduct in-depth market ing audi ts that wi l l ident i fy and el iminate ineffect ive adver t ising strategies, and to quickly implement new market ing strategies that have the potent ial to help you cost-effect ively grow your business. We can also help you spot oppor tuni t ies to get more output and leverage from market ing strategies you al ready have – such as your websi te, social media or PPC campaigns. Every single cl ient we work wi th receives a truly bespoke service that wi l l incorporate your f i rm’s goals and ut i l ise your strengths to bui ld something better. With over 10 years’ experience in marketing firms, we have successful ly helped firms across the globe reach thousands more potential customers and convert them into cl ients. “Why aren’t we getting more new clients for our firm?” WEBSITE | SOCIAL MEDIA | CONTENT PRINT & DISPLAY | SEO | PPC | BRANDING

CO NT AC T S Editor Katina Male Sales Manager Jacob Mallinder Jacob.mal l Awards Manager Georgina Cook Tel . 01543 267 634 PO Box 17858, Tamworth, B77 9QG Elon Musk Cover Photo: DoD VI “The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.”

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