CEO Today - Media Kit - 2022

F ORWARD F EATURE S CEO Today Features Travel & Lifestyle Popular Topics How Business Leaders Can Embrace and Learn from Fai lure Top 5 Michel in-Starred Restaurants in the World Phi lanthropy How Can Businesses Help Professionals from Working-Class Backgrounds Reach the Top? The CEO Today Luxury Christmas Gift Guide Women in Business Encouraging Young Women into Leadership Roles Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the Alps Sustainabi l ity trends for 2023 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Dec 2022 Here at CEO Today Magazine, we’ re exci ted to announce our new Forward Features. Each month we invi te our readers to part icipate in content that is read by hundreds of thousands of l ike-minded execut ives wor ldwide. We have a select ion of art icles and topics that we’d love to hear f rom you, the experts, about . You can pick a topic that you feel best represents you and your f ield of expert ise and wr i te your feature based on our suggest ions. Our Edi tor ial team wi l l be on hand to provide assistance and guidance should you wish. I look forward to hear ing f rom you. A message from our editor, Katina Male

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