CEO Today - January 2023

ITAM software can also provide data on the age and health status of devices. As older devices tend to use up more power than newer, more energy-efficient devices, so there could be long-term savings to be made by upgrading the current tech stack or minimising the use of certain machines. You can also use ITAM to make decisions about the type of tech your business currently operates with. For example, knowing that laptops consume up to 80% less electricity than desktop PCs could drive better decision-making and that switching on-premise servers for cloud computing systems could save businesses between 60% and 85% in energy costs. One day, ITAM software could very well provide stats on how much energy devices are using, such as an energy calculator to show the devices which are the biggest culprits. By being able to highlight areas where further improvements can be made, businesses can cut costs and energy use without disrupting operations. In the meantime, there are some simple ways businesses can encourage better energy use. For example, laptops don’t need to be plugged into sockets 24/7, and even more niche factors such as protecting against cryptojacking - which involves hackers taking up PC processing power to mine for cryptocurrencies - could make a big impact when combined together. The price of doing business Rising costs are hitting businesses in all industries, with every single organisation looking for viable ways to reduce operational expenditure wherever they can. Many have realised that it’s time to get smarter on energy use, and not just for financial reasons either. There are numerous, currently untapped sustainability benefits in reducing the energy use of the business. Not only could it help in its own small way to meet CSR and carbon reduction targets, but it also shows a commitment to employees and customers that becoming more environmentally friendly is a strategic goal and not just a tick-inthe-box exercise. And it doesn’t have to disrupt current operations either. We’re not talking about large-scale changes here, but small-step ones which, when combined together, can go a long way in reducing energy costs for businesses large and small. vision & strategy

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