CEO Today - January 2023

In the ever-changing consumer market, where trends come and go, and market competition is becoming increasingly stiff - having an iconic brand is more than a perfectly designed logo placed above your shop entrance or featuring on your products. nflation Nation Ro l Decneut Chief St ategy Officer at Lansweep r I How Can Businesses Cut Energy Costs? As more and more stories emerge of rising energy costs crippling businesses, with some increasing by five-fold over the space of just a fewmonths, many are starting to take drastic efforts to reduce their bills. But asmuchof theworkforce split their timebetweenthe office and home, it’s not a simple case of installing more energy-saving lightbulbs and solar panels anymore. Sure, many could drastically cut their tech stack, such as moving from on-premise to the Cloud, but employees still need the tools to do their jobs. Waging a war on obsolete tech such as floppy discs and fax machines might work if you’re in Japan, but are we really at a point where we start taking away second screens and wireless keyboards? Businesses are dependent on a backbone of technology, and with so many requiring devices to be running on an almost constant basis - from laptops and smartphones to printers and servers - it’s time to get smarter on how we use it. 42

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