CEO Today - January 2023

THE CEO INTERVIEW 21 for success and almost all the clients I work with fully understand this. How do you encourage younger people who aspire to pursue leadership roles? I believe role models are important and we should work out to spotlight them and their experiences. It isn’t a naturally comfortable spot for me but I do feel the responsibility and recognise the role that I can play by talking openly about my journey, my vulnerabilities, and my experience to help others in the industry. On an individual level, mentoring is incredibly beneficial for success. I’m lucky that I’ve had some incredible colleagues and mentors from a range of backgrounds and experiences to learn from throughout my career. Their support has not only encouraged and helped me to navigate my career but it’s also fuelled my aspirations and ambitions. Finally, I am a strong believer that one should not shy in voicing his or her ambitions and asking for support when needed. How do you create successful relationships with clients? I always say that proactivity plays a crucial role in the enduring success of the client relationship. Our best clients are ones that we are proactive with, who always think to make the first phone call for solutions in any given complex situation. For me, a successful advisory relationship is really about being at the forefront of the idea, providing proactive leadership and insights on the relevant subject. As an adviser to clients, I can rethink how things are being done in their present state and fully enhance it. This is very important for thriving relationships. What inspires you about your work? The opportunity to be thoughtful and add perspective to help move forward with various projects is always thrilling for me. Everything I am involved with will exist for years to come. That is what keeps pushing me forward. Q Q Q Abrar Ali Kayani “ “There is no doubt AI plays an important role in decisionmaking and refining views and I do seek assistance from it when needed but the question is: Can AI ever replace personal experience?”

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