CEO Today - January 2023

THE CEO INTERVIEW 14 You left a successful job in finance to start your sustainable bedding company, Ethical Bedding. What was the impetus behind this? Before starting Ethical Bedding, I had known for some time that I needed a change in my life. I had personally become extremely disenfranchised with my work, in part due to the endless red tape, politics and nepotism. For me, life isn’t about what you can take, it’s about what you can give, and I didn’t feel like I was doing enough for myself or the planet. Ethical Bedding was built as a brand which actively engaged in giving back, and showing kindness to our planet, and this was magnified when my son, Rocco, was born. I want him to enjoy the world and nature around us as he grows up, and this means taking responsibility for the planet today. What are your thoughts on “hustle culture” and the effect this has on the mental and physical health of business owners and entrepreneurs? I’m not someone that follows popular media too closely; I prefer to live a more simple life, and am careful about what media and messages I consume. However, I would say that a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs naturally push themselves quite hard – I know that I certainly do! For me, the key to staying well-balanced centres around my understanding of my own body, mind and pillars for happiness. Surrounding yourself with amazing people that you can rely on is also essential. Living a holistically well-balanced life is always more enjoyable, and often more productive – I’m guilty of pushing myself very hard when it comes to my business, but I find ways to manage. Why do you think the importance of taking care of oneself and getting proper sleep is so often overlooked in business? Looking after myself is non-negotiable. I need to be running at peak performance, and for me, this means being at peak physical and mental condition. One of my priorities when it comes to looking after myself is ensuring I eat and exercise well, as everything in our bodies and minds is so connected. I think there is far more awareness around the importance of good-quality sleep and attaining that peak performance needed for success, so for me, prioritising sleep and properly nourishing your body are absolute essentials. You cite a desire to reconnect with nature through the products you make as one of your biggest motivators. Why do you think this is important? Nature is the most beautiful gift we have, Q Q Q Q

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