CEO Today - March 2022

81 EXECUTIVE COACHING THE CEO INTERVIEW 81 Despite the fears, both rational and irrational, people must continue receiving their routine care. Health cannot be maintained if your basic needs aren’t met, so do what you can to protect your health by continuing to receive care. In the meantime, home health workers will continue to do what they do best: taking care of those who need it. Experts are saying that things will never go back to normal, but time will tell. Winter is cold and all viruses like Omicron, Delta, the flu, etc. are spreading wildly and many vaccinated and boosted clients and caregivers are still getting ill. We all are trying our best to survive the pandemic and still manage things in the best and safest way we can. We have an important role in many people’s lives. Our clients and caregivers are depending on us. Are things improving now? Things are still very challenging, complicated and out of our control. Home health care nurses and home care aides are stepping up protective measures. These include calling patients at home before they visit to see if they or anyone in the household have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. They’re also washing hands in front of patients and wearing masks and other protective gear to reduce infections and to make patients more comfortable about their precautions.” If anything, home health workers are often at more risk than the patients themselves, as they’re dealing with increased risk of exposure as well as the potential of losing their jobs due to patient fears. What are the most difficult and rewarding parts of being the CEO of Premier Care? The most difficult part of being the CEO of Premier Care today is to maintain a healthy environment and survive the pandemic. The most important part during this time is to hire the right individuals and work on their training process, caregiver’s support and client satisfaction. We are maintaining an excellent reputation in the home health care field - we are maintaining a 5-star rating and good reputation, especially during such a challenging and complicated time. Premier Care is a rising star amongst many other competitors. We are planning to open new locations and expand our services nationwide in the future.

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