CEO Today - March 2022

59 EXECUTIVE COACHING The path to her dream career Nada decided to start the organisation Coaching in Lebanon when her coaching business grew to a point where she had so many clients that she had no room for new ones. She knew two things: she wanted to create a program where hardworking, purpose-seeking clients could learn from and coach with her. She wanted to have a coach in every relationship, household, organisation, family, and business. She aimed for it to be the “Harvard” of life coach schools, so in 2013, she introduced accredited certifications to the Lebanese community. With the ICF accreditation, her school has developed into an outstanding community of coaches and visionaries who want to become the best version of themselves. She was an active member of the team that was assigned to set the new ICF competencies. Nada has helped thousands of people find their inner calling and achieve the perfect work-life balance. As an expert in the coach approach, she lives her life to show others what is possible when they utilise coaching fundamentals as an effective tool for better communication, better decisionmaking, and as a vessel to leading a more rewarding life. Ever since she had the idea of the coachapproach in 2006, Nada has been helping people communicate as coaches in various life scenarios because she believes that the coach approach brings you closer to realising the life you have always imagined. Nada continues to empower people coming from different backgrounds, helping them become expert engineers of their lives. Her goal is to help people seize opportunities and take full responsibility for their journey in order to arrive at the destination they so desire. You were the first to bring accredited coach certifications to Lebanon. Tell us about the whole experience. I graduated as a life coach in 2006 and after 5 years of uncertainty, I decided to go for the executive and leadership coaching program which was a turning point in my career. In two years I decided I wanted the people around me to experience this shift and I got my master coach trainer certification in executive coaching and established a faculty for executive coaching accredited by the ICF. That was the beginning of professional coach certifications in Lebanon. What is your style of coaching? I love to empower my clients and my students but mostly I believe that Grit and Resilience are the key to success and this is how I coach my clients, to take control of their own destiny and to believe that they can make it no matter what. What do you think are the most effective coaching programmes? Any coaching program that focuses on the person, not their problems, people do not need to be fixed and they have all the answers. I have been an advocate for the ICF for many years and throughout my personal development as a coach, I have experienced many other programs. Whatever coaching program there is, it has to be a thorough long one, very well spaced to give room for practice and build those coaching muscles. Coaching programs are like going to the gym, you can never expect to have a six-pack in a few days and it goes the same for coaching skills. This is what I believe is the key to success. Grit accompanied me my whole life. It allowed me to move forward, to keep on going despite it all. What can your clients expect to achieve after working with you? My coaching is a challenge to changing leadership, it creates space to focus on personal and professional development, helps clients to develop a growth mindset and explore their motivational drivers. Contact details: E: W: T: +961 76 11 22 24

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