CEO Today - March 2022

42 EXECUTIVE COACHING SelfActualisation Esteem Love/Belonging Safety Physiological Websites: LinkedIn: coach2executives/ Instagram: drteribaydar1 Twitter: @coach2executive Dr Teri Baydar is a leadership development consultant and coach who educates and supports C-suites and high achievers towards their personal path of selfactualising growth for the greater good. She has decades of experience in behaviour research and leadership development, specialising in transformational thinking. She has worked with senior and emerging leaders at the Boston Consulting Group, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, IFF, General Electric, Global Partners LP, Housing Partnership Network, Rapid7, Topos Labs, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Starbucks, Komodo Technologies, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, Zip Car, Enterome Bioscience, Pfizer, Facebook, the SEC and more. She is the Engagement Chair of the New England Board of Women in Technology International, an inspirational speaker, emerging author, and expert speaker. She also teaches meditation and occasionally walks on fire. of growth and expansion. This leads to burnout and exhaustion. There is a commonmisconception that personal fulfilment and self-actualisation will come once everything else is in place. This linear construct is a misrepresentation. A linear life does not exist. Therefore, linear thought processes and goals are out of sync with reality. There’s a glass ceiling that successful people encounter. They get into a loop of continuously doing what they do well, doing what worked in the past andaccumulatingmoneyand influence. They keep chasing the feeling of getting it “right”. In this place, their evolutionary drive can start whispering (or sometimes yelling) to them that there has got to be something more. Once confronted with this intuitive truth that there is more, it’s time to find the right kind of coach, mentor, or support to move up to the next level. This other level of living, being, and doing does exist. If you aren’t feeling the kind of love, belonging, and esteem you wish to in your life, you are not on track. Humans are designed to feel good, be happy, and live with ease and peace of mind. If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy and do not feel complete in every aspect of your life represented in the graphic, it means there are experiences being offered to you that you are not tapping into. Becoming a self-actualised, whole human being is undeniably an inside job. Nobody gets to the top of that mountain without taking the inner journey of personal transformation. continuously grow and expand your creative mind and understanding of consciousness. There are clear constructive pathways towards this new level of awareness, knowing, being, and having an impact in the world. The fastest and most effective I know of is life and leadership coaching. Anewworld requires a newkind of leadership. The flow of that movement forward is happening whether we like it or not. To do my part, I have two books on the bench. The first is a guide to the personal transformational journey towards self-actualisation and becoming an impactful leader. The second is on healing the broken business model that is perpetuating suffering and how to lean into the shift happening from plantation economics to organic economics. How do leaders know where they are in their self-actualisation? A great tool to figure out where you are is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the lower echelons of meeting physiological needs and safety. This is all about the tactical/ practical of having shelter, food, air to breathe, a space to rest. Here, we accumulate wealth and create processes for our safety and comfort. This quickly becomes a hamster wheel situation, constantly doing more for the sake

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