CEO Today - March 2022

EXECUTIVE COACHING 35 Coaching Misconceptions Erika Faltanova International Coaching Federation ACC certified coach with more than 15 years of experience. Former President and Vice President of ICF Slovak Charter Chapter. Certified leadership and business skills trainer. What exactly is coaching? And what is not coaching? Maybe readers will say that’s clear anyway! That’s the better case. However, during my more than 15 years of coaching experience, it still shows that it is still necessary to talk about what coaching is and what it is not, to emphasise its importance in managerial but not only managerial practice and to raise awareness about coaching. Very often I find that managers support their people very well, pass on the experience to them, advise them, know how to listen to them, talk to them about how to improve their performance and cover it under the name of coaching. As a client of a large bank, I had a meeting with the director of its branch on a Friday afternoon recently. We were slowly ending the conversation when she looked at her watch and said: “In a moment, I’m starting to coach people on my team.” There was a professional curiosity in me and I asked her: “What do you do when you coach?” “We are talking about what happened during the week, what did not work out, Debunked

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