CEO Today - March 2022

quality, high-impact coaching to their own coaching clients through the CEC’s ICF accredited executive coach training certification. And in terms of our ICF accredited executive coach training programmes, we work with those who are new to coaching and those with prior experience. Our programmes build upon the capabilities of internal staff coaches as well as external coaches looking to set up their own practices. Our ACSTH course option is an ICF accredited three-day intensive course to get you prepared and ready to hit the ground running and start coaching executives, leaders, managers, business owners, and up-and-coming talent. Whereas our second option, which is our ICF accredited ‘ACTP’ fast-track programme, puts you on the path to becoming an ICF accredited ACC or PCC coach straight away. Please introduce us to yourself and The Executive Coaching Bootcamp. I’m the founder of The Executive Coaching Bootcamp, an Executive Coach Master Trainer and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). As a training and coaching company, The Executive Coaching Bootcamp specialises in providing high impact executive/leadership coaching services (particularly for female leaders) as well as offering ICF accredited executive coach training programmes for both new and experienced coaches. Having trained the coaches of organisations such as SWIFT, BP and IBM, as well coaching their leaders, VPs and high-potential staff, I am an experienced executive and leadership coach, team coach and ICF certified coach trainer. My coaching clients include female entrepreneurs, ambitious trail-blazers, social influencers, executives and leaders looking to make even more impact and steadily grow their sphere of influence. Many women come to me because they’re tired of being overlooked for ‘perfect for you’ promotions. Some come to me with a drive to reach a new level - be that professionally in their career, organisationally or both. And others come to develop and execute gamechanging ideas that will provide the business and people they lead with a competitive edge. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than co-creating exciting journeys with fellow women who want to excel. In terms of our coach training programmes, we are dedicated to teaching others how to provide highFirstly, as a female leader, can you please tell us a little bit about your journey into a field that could be considered maledominated? Having worked as a senior coach in the male-dominated field of agile transformations, I was very used to being the only female in the room. And as may be the case for many women, I’ve previously been underestimated or dismissed as the ‘token’ female in the group. But I don’t allow that to happen anymore because I simply don’t have the patience to slow myself down or hold myself back anymore. And I don’t want my clients to have to do that either. But what I’ve come to learn is that carving out a space for yourself at the top can actually be incredibly satisfying - even enjoyable. Especially when you know that you’re also paving the way for others. So I place a lot of importance on making sure that female leaders are on an equal footing with their peers right from the start because that’s what sets the foundation for truly great working relationships that are built on mutual respect from the beginning. And achieving that can sometimes require a conscious effort to become better aware of the power dynamics that might be hidden beneath the surface of your interactions with others and then adjusting those power dynamics so they work in your favour. This helps you to develop a communication style where you’re always portraying yourself as a leader and therefore being perceived as a leader. It’s a gradual process but it works. “ What Iʼve come to learn is that carving out a space for yourself at the top can actually be incredibly satisfying - even enjoyable. Especially when you know that youʼre also paving the way for others. “ 14 EXECUTIVE COACHING

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