CEO Today Magazine September 2019 Edition

HALL OF FAME 60 Has District 7 achieved what you anticipated when you first founded the company in 2014? Yes and no! Yes, we met part of our goal to acquire yield generating assets, we have more than 100 units. No, our plans were to have over 300 yield generating units (75 each year since inception). The challenge was meeting real estate development timeline, and some developers took significantly more time than they should. What makes District 7 an iconic company in the UAE? The mindset: we are always looking for growth and opportunities. I personally believe there are always opportunities in any economic situation, and it is how hard you work and how well you’re connected that creates an opportunity which leads to a great deal. What would you say is your biggest inspiration and motivation? I’m inspired by successful people and motivated when I see a successful story. Everything around us is made by humans, from real estate to technology to aerospace - when I look around and recognize that as a fact, not even the sky can be my limit. How do you encourage growth and success at the company? With proper planning, motivation and education. You need the ATM to be able to grow and succeed. I’m not talking about an ATM machine that you Dr. Anas Hasan AlMulla Founder and Managing Partner of District 7 Properties Dr. Anas Hasan AlMulla is the Founder and Managing Partner of District 7 Properties. Originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he has now lived in Dubai, UAE for the past 7 years. District 7 Properties was founded in 2014, and since then, it has been involved in funding and investing in more than 100 key real estate ventures in the UAE with the vision to be a defining force in the future skyline of Dubai and the UAE. The firm is currently expanding internationally to a much wider audience, and its ultimate ambition is to be an iconic company that generates enormous value for its clients, partners, and the community as a whole. 7

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