CEO Today Magazine April 2019 Edition

The Top 10 Storage Devices for Every CEO Whether you’re an active on-the-go CEO or you’re burdened with tons of local data to store, CEO Today has set out to try a few devices from top brands in the data storage sector that will help you not only make the most of your data, but keep, write and read it in the most ef- ficient way. Every CEO role, whether in the finance sector, a creative agency or a big data company has a need for storing data. Data can be simple text files, passwords, photos, images, videos, excel documents, word documents, presentations, project files and so on; the list is endless. Al- most in parallel, each CEO’s storage requirements are different and devices that store, write or read data come in various sizes, speeds and functions. Here, CEO Today looks at a handful of 10 carefully selected storage devices, including SSDs for fast performance; security encrypted drives for storing secure data; flash, SD and USB drives for small on-the-go data transfers; and straight up hard drives, for more long-term large data and file storage. Starting off with the plain and simple but most commonly used type of storage device, the Western Digital ‘My Passport’ is a portable hard drive like any other, but with the addition of being able to purchase cloud storage back up as a corollary. The WD My Passport is one of the most sold portable hard drives of 2018. It comes in several block colours, features a durable external case, password protection, and an auto-backup function every time it’s used, allowing you to backup other data you might need to keep super safe and definitely cannot lose. Until recently, I used one of these as my own personal hard drive for family photos and videos, and it never failed me. WD My Passport HDD 1 Top Speeds: 110 MB/s Top Capacity: 1TB Connection: USB 2 / USB 3 64

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