CEO Today Magazine August 2018 Edition 22 SPECIAL FEATURES Why Culture is the Key to a Company’s Long-term Success By Marc Cooper CEO of PJ SOLOMON It is undeniable that strong leadership, strategic focus and exceptional client service are critical to business success. However, a strong company culture is the backbone of any world-class organisation and should be the ultimate objective for every CEO. Particularly for a professional services organisation, which focuses on people and relationships, there is nothing more important than your workplace environment and having your employees rowing the oars in the same direction. As CEO of PJ SOLOMON, a leading boutique investment banking advisory firm, I know having a distinguished culture is essential for our future. Banks are often associated with having traditional corporate atmospheres, which is why it is even more important for us to have a defined and unique company identity, not just for our current employees and clients, but also for attracting new recruits. What is culture? Culture is the heart of a company. It is a shared mission and values that are understood and acted upon by every employee. It is your own special identity and what sets you apart from your competitors. At PJ SOLOMON, we define our culture as being built on honesty, integrity and a collective commitment to providing clients with sound, unbiased advice. We are guided on a daily basis by these values and pursue them in a collaborative way that promotes excellence and creativity. Having defined characteristics encourages respect and ensures everyone is working towards a common goal. We have set up a foundation of trust and partnership, not individualism, so each of our employees understand the only way we will win, is as a team. It’s more than a statement Culture is about your employees’ happiness. Your most important assets (your employees) walk out of the elevator each day. How do you energise them to come back with enthusiasm and not go somewhere else? It’s imperative

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